Broadband Services

Temporary Internet Shows Conventions Conferences

Temporary Deployments

  • Scalable Bandwidth, 1.5 Mbps to 20 Mbps
  • Multihomed Redundant Internet Backbone
  • DNS, Web and E-mail Hosting
  • Static IP Address Pools
  • Fast Installation and Setup
  • QoS Integration End-to-End for Mission Critical Data
  • Infrastructure PoP's Backed with Battery and Generator Power
  • Rated and Designed for the Worst Weather Conditions

Microwave Metro Ethernet for temporary events offers the same value and flexibility as our traditional Microwave Metro Ethernet Internet service with the added benefit of portability. Our temporary event Internet service requires a line-of-sight path to a tower within our network. The microwave dish's path to our tower may be established through use of Noroc-provided mounting solutions, customer provided equipment, or simply the rooftop of a building on site.

Once connected, our microwave equipment can be connected to an Ethernet switch or WiFi access point to rebroadcast the signal throughout the area. Use the power of the Internet to stream webcasts of the event and maintain connectivity to the rest of the world. Don't lose sales because you can't check inventory and run credit applications at your sales show - use Microwave Ethernet to seal the deal today.

Microwave Ethernet service is available for construction and engineering projects, sales shows, conferences, sporting events, policitcal events and any other application where broadband Internet is required.