Noroc Expanding to Offer Web and Data Services

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Noroc Broadband LLC has just announced the expansion of the company's services to not only offer broadband Internet connectivity throughout Central Pennsylvania, but also worldwide data services.

HARRISBURG, PA January 31, 2011 - In addition to providing Broadband Metro Ethernet bandwidth to businesses in the Harrisburg region, Noroc Broadband LLC will now be offering spam and virus filtering and off-site data backup services. Noroc is anticipating that these new services are the best way to continue meeting the needs of today's businesses. The new services will allow Noroc to enhance the way the company assists clients in reaching their desired markets.

The expansion will create the opportunity for Noroc's clients to heighten the way their businesses operate. A Partner in Noroc Broadband LLC, Ryan Parthemore states, "We do business in an age where a potential customer's one-second glance at a company's website can be a determining factor in whether or not they do business. Even before that, the customer has to find a company's website and choose to explore it over a competitor's site. Furthermore, the expansion allows for clients to protect their businesses. Parthemore says, "Of course business leads will go unanswered if your inbox is choking on spam and viruses or if your data backup solution has left you vulnerable."

"Existing Broadband Metro Ethernet clients will continue to see the same level of support and service they have come to expect from us", Parthemore states. "This expansion is the company's way of furthering the client experience with Noroc. Our totally redesigned website is available for clients to learn more about Noroc's services. We even added a new 'Client Portal' feature to streamline client access to our various online resources. As for our existing broadband clients, we hope that our track record will lead them to consider Noroc for their data service needs."